Erotic Massage Parlor or Private Master "at Home"?

Let’s talk about the difference between visiting a professional salon of erotic massage and calling a private master at home. Firstly, we find the main causes of this issue in a man:

1. Financial

It is no secret that private erotic massage at home will cost several times cheaper. But! Trying to save on your own pleasure, a pleasant pastime with a fair weaker sex, think about whether saving is appropriate here? And what consequences it may lead.

To begin with, the very concept of “Salon” (organization) is already responsible and guaranteed. Any girl taking a job in the salon as a master of erotic massage undergoes vocational training, which includes not only mastery of massage techniques, but also hygiene, safety rules, as well as the “school of femininity”, the ability to present oneself, the art of communicating with men! All girls strictly follow the rules of the salon. Once here, you will get guaranteed pleasure, an unforgettable pastime with a cute, charming, feminine girl.

The salon devotes an important part to the interior and the general atmosphere. Surely, you paid attention to how rich and luxurious every salon of erotic massage is! What attitude to you at a meeting! Entering here, you instantly find yourself in a fairy tale full of secrets and mystery, feminine beauty and innocence!

However, the same does not guarantee a private master at home. Girls in this case are “their own masters.” There is no control and responsibility. How do you know what concepts and principles of this private master, what level of self-esteem. One can only guess. And are you ready to take the “pig in a poke” stock? By the way, this expression is more than appropriate, because there are cases that you choose a girl on the site, she arrives / arrives, and there is a surprise – the girl is absolutely not the one you chose, she didn’t even get close… Ready for such surprises?

In the cabin, the system is different – you choose not a virtual girl from the picture, but the real one. Before you there is a real casting! All free salon masters go out and show themselves live!

Not only do you see a dozen beautiful and sexy girls in front of you, you have the opportunity to catch that spark, which will enhance the effect of pleasure in the process of erotic massage.

If you respect yourself, value your health, time and nerves, then the choice is obvious! You will definitely go to the salon of erotic massage with professionally trained staff, protecting yourself from many risks and negativity! You will get a lot of emotions and you will return to the selected salon again and again…

But sometimes, even after everything you’ve read and thought out, there’s another reason why you’re still wondering “What to choose: an erotic massage parlor or a private master at home?” And this:

2. Confidentiality

And again, we begin with the fact that the salon of erotic massage is responsible for everything that happens, unlike private masters at home. And knowing the legislation and administrative responsibility for non-compliance with the law, there are no cameras in private rooms in the salons! Information about what is happening is strictly confidential and not available to anyone except you and the chosen girl-master! Staff, in turn, are aware of confidentiality.

Each employee values her reputation and the reputation of the salon. And the salon bears full responsibility for non-disclosure of information! Therefore, the choice is again obvious – an erotic massage parlor!

In conclusion, I would like to say that not all the reasons for doubts have been voiced where to turn to: a specialized salon or a massage master at home. But the main differences and advantages are voiced.

The choice is yours! You are a self-sufficient, independent, self-respecting man! You deserve better!

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