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Every week we prepare for you valuable articles on erotic massage in our blog. The knowledge of our charmers, the experience that accumulates over and over again, is collected in this “online piggy bank” and is not wasted.

Erotic massage for couples in Sochi

A fairly common occurrence is the loss of sexual interest in a partner due to the number of years lived. And this does not mean that one of the parties has become less attractive. Just boring routine, one and the same. So here’s one way to rekindle that same spark – Erotic Massage for Couples! […]


Why is Erotic Massage for Men Useful?

Erotic massage relaxes a man, gives incomparable sensations, sensual pleasure. Such practices came to us from the east and quickly became one of the most popular in men’s erotic salons. It is generally accepted that male erotic massage is entertainment, a procedure for pleasure. This statement is only partially true – if everything is done […]


Erotic Massage Parlor or Private Master "at Home"?

Let’s talk about the difference between visiting a professional salon of erotic massage and calling a private master at home. Firstly, we find the main causes of this issue in a man: 1. Financial It is no secret that private erotic massage at home will cost several times cheaper. But! Trying to save on your […]


23 reasons why massage is better than sex

Massage can be done even when your head hurts, it will only make it easier for her. During the massage, you can sleep, which is categorically not welcome in sex. A masseur will never tell you that you are lying like a log… It is impossible to get pregnant from a massage. Nobody will blame […]