Intimacy services are not provided!

Erotic Massage
in Sochi in the
salon Rabbit Hall

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Feel, how to make you feel good

Professional masseuses will show interest and devote the maximum amount of time to you. All our girls own massage techniques and are ready to endlessly surprise and shock the guest with the competent execution of any of the proposed programs in the “Rabbit Hall” salon.


(172 cm, 3 size)


(165 cm, 3 size)


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(169 cm, 2 size)


(170 cm, 2 size)


(172 cm, 2 size)


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(174 cm, 3 size)

We are waiting for you alone
or with company

The beauties of our salon do not offer intimacy, but they will be able to deliver powerful sensations to you: you won’t be able to escape without a bright ending. They will play with you, bringing to the utmost excitement, but not allowing you to give up quickly. And only when you stop thinking about something other than your desire, they will blow you up with fireworks.

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— Each time you will fall into a fairy tale! —

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Top programs

Menu of masters of erotic massage in Sochi

To restore mental and physical balance, a man needs such components as peace and relaxation. In everyday rush, there are not many ways to restore life balance. One of such methods is erotic massage from the “Rabbit Hall” salon in Sochi.


30 min. | 3500 rub.

Instead of dessert at a business lunch.

Only erotic and nothing extra.

  • Optional relaxation in the shower or on the tatami
  • 1 relaxation
  • +15 min. and 1 relaxation 1000 rub.
From Chef

60 min. | 6000 rub.

Classics with the transition to eroticism.

Basic program.

  • Joint shower before and after the session;
  • Classic full body massage;
  • Erotic part (booty + chest);
  • At the guest’s choice Thai BODY massage or lingam massage;
  • Touch FREE;
  • 1 relaxation.

45 min. | 4000 rub.

Guest takes a shower independently

Classic massage of the whole body, erotic part of the chest + butt,
touch STOP, 1 relaxation.

  • Shower together +1000 rub.
  • Touch +1000 rub.
  • Additionally +500 rub. / 15 min.

90 min. | 8000 rub.

For lovers of sweets.

  • Shower before and after the program;
  • Classic massage;
  • Erotic part (booty + chest);
  • Game with cream and fruit;
  • Transition to a branch of sakura;
  • Going to 69;
  • Relax aerobatics;
  • Imitation of oral caresses.
Peep Show

60 min. | 11000 rub.

Show for fans to watch.

A naked and passionate girl shows a show lasting 20 min., with or without a toy.

  • Erotic massage;
  • Classic massage;
  • 1 relaxation.
Rabbit Foot

45 min. | 5000 rub.

Exclusively at Rabbit Hall

  • Wash the master in the shower;
  • Massage to the master;
  • Touch FREE (except for the bikini zone);
  • Optional finale +2000 rub. / +15 min.
The third is not superfluous

60 min. | 12000 rub.

Massage for a couple with one girl or boyfriend.

  • One girl for a couple;
  • Classic massage;
  • Erotic part;
  • Massage for girls / men;
  • 1 relaxation.
Rabbit Family

60 min. | 16000 rub.

In the room no extra

Two masters for a couple or you alone.

  • Classic full body massage;
  • Erotic part (booty + chest);
  • Relaxation free;
  • Yoni massage for a girl.
Rabbit TU

90 min. | 12000 rub.

The program of complete relaxation.

  • Program in VIP apartments;
  • Erotic shower or aqua relaxation;
  • Massage with 2 girls in 4 hands;
  • Erotic part (booty + chest);
  • Lesbian girls show;
  • Classic massage;
  • Thai BODY massage
  • Japanese technique (sakura) or imitation of oral caresses;
  • The “magic” technique in 5 Kama Sutra poses allowed by the master.
Fairytale Kama Sutra

60 min. | 8000 rub.

For true connoisseurs of art.

A classic full body massage from toes to the crown.

  • Erotic part of the priest + chest;
  • Relaxation in 10 Kama Sutra poses;
  • 1 relaxation;
  • Imitation of magic;
  • Imitations of oral sex;
  • Additionally: +1 relaxation (1000 rub.);
  • Additionally: +30 min. (4000 rub.).

60 min. | 8000 rub.

We give you the right of the author.

  • Erotic shower or aqua relaxation;
  • Classic massage;
  • Erotic part (booty + chest);
  • Thai BODY massage.

1 caprice allowed by the master:

  • Japanese technique (sakura);
  • Massage for a girl;
  • Imitation of oral caresses;
  • The “magic” technique in 5 Kama Sutra poses allowed by the master;
  • 1 relaxation.

60 min. | 8000 rub.


All details are agreed in advance for men.

  • Power, dominance;
  • Humiliation (lash);
  • Role-playing game (optional);
  • Classic massage (optional);
  • Urological relaxation (optional).
Japanese technique with iced orange slices

60 min. | 7000 rub.

For men who love sensuality.

Slowly and gently, the girl will give you ice kisses.

  • Light biting;
  • Classic massage;
  • Erotic massage;
  • Erotic finale / Tea ceremony.


Why do you like us?

You will find a romantic atmosphere, skillful hands of masseuses with perfect bodies that will revive you to life and lead you to the heights of pleasure.


Our masters regularly undergo medical examinations and have medical books.


We have tried to create an atmosphere for you in which you will not find distracting elements.


We carefully monitor that the programs last no less than the declared time.


You are provided with individual slippers, a bathrobe, a pre / post shower and a jacuzzi / sauna.

The charming girls of the “Rabbit Hall” erotic massage parlor are extremely unobtrusive and tactful in communication, and the service is top notch. First of all, we care about the comfort and safety of guests, so they come back again.

Salon Interior

Complete immersion in relaxation

The fabulous interior, subdued soft light and light pleasant music of the “Rabbit Hall” eromassage salon contribute to a complete immersion in the atmosphere of relaxation.

About Salon

With “Rabbit Hall” you relax your body and soul!

Sensual programs and communication with a charming girl – what could be better? Add to this SPA treatments, a sauna, a jacuzzi, relaxation programs – we are ready to offer you the whole range of pleasures for a good rest. A wide selection of erotic programs will not make you bored, and the prices will pleasantly surprise you.

A wide choice of programs

From classic relaxing programs performed by a charming girl in underwear to unique programs featuring two girls that will give you incredible sensations and a sea of positive emotions.

Programs for couples

A sensual and exciting date that will help you and your partner to fully open up and become sexually liberated. Our masseuses will help you discover such facets of pleasure that you had never suspected of before.

For relaxing with friends

In our salon of massage you can spend a full-fledged bachelor party with beautiful girls who will give a lot of pleasant emotions and sensual pleasures to you and your friends.

Our Numbers

We will refund in 10 min, if you don’t like it.

“Rabbit Hall” — The best salon of erotic massage in Sochi in terms of price and quality!

Masters in the state
Masters on shift
Minutes free

Unbelievably erotic masseuses work for us: slim, graceful, model looks and absolutely relaxed.


We are waiting for you